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The following cards issued by the Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) and SEB can also be used as proof of the right to use public transport as part of the single ticket system of Tallinn and Harju County and the right to any discounts from January 2013:

  • the contactless chip cards that are issued by the EÜL via the MinuKool system: Estonian school and university student cards, ISIC school and university student cards, ITIC Teacher Identity Cards, IYTC Youth Cards and Staff identity cards; and

  • SEB Pank issues bank cards ISIC Õpilane (Scholar), ISIC Tudeng (Student) and ITIC Õpetaja (Teacher) with touch-free chips that have the function of a single ticket used in the public transportation system. NB! Please note that the united card function shall not apply to the bank card SEB ISIC Õpilane Electron.

    SEB ISIC student cards, ISIC teacher cards and all other standard ISIC cards, which are issued since November 2012, can be used in Harju County public transport as well as on Elron (Elektriraudtee) passenger trains.

  • Swedbank ISIC MasterCard equipped with a contactless chip.

How does the card work?

Cardholders have to register their cards on this page in order to be registered as a user of public transport or to prove their right to use public transport. You have to log in to the www.pilet.ee environment to see which cards have been registered in the ticket system. You have to enter your personal identification code and grant consent to your data being passed on to the ticket system in order to register a card.

A ticket or discount is not tied to a specific card in the ticket system – it is tied to the user’s personal identification code, which is why all valid cards compatible with the ticket system that are tied to the specific user in the MinuKool database can be used to prove the right to use public transport. Cards registered in the ticket system can be used until their expiry, unless the user loses the status that makes them eligible for the card (e.g. their status as a student or teacher expires) or closes their bankcard before the expiry date printed on the card (e.g. their status as a student or teacher expires). The user’s card is deactivated in such a case and an automatic notice about this is sent to the ticket system.

How can I buy a ticket for a card?

Cards that have been added to the ticket system function in a similar way to the current ID cards and green Ühiskaart transport cards. Tickets can be bought on the basis of the user’s personal identification code from www.pilet.ee, via a mobile phone or at points of sale (see here for the full list). Personalised public transport tickets of different duration can be bought for people and it is also possible to prove your right to a transport discount.