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If you have registered as a resident of Tallinn since personalising your Public Transport Card, you will have to personalise it again in order to obtain the right to free travel.

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  • parent with 3 and more children who is not a resident of Tallinn.

The following cards can be used as proof of the right to use public transport:
Ühiskaart of Tallinn and Harjumaa, Ühiskaart of Atko Kohtla-Järve, Ühiskaart of GoBus, Ühiskaart of Ridango, Bus card of Tartu,Ühiskaart of Pärnumaa, Ühiskaart of Viljandi

Travelcards are inter-usable in Estonia and in intercity lines regardless of the place of purchase (except for Tartu layout cards, which are not usable in Kohtla-Järve).

Personalising enables the person to make use of any discounts to which they are entitled. Personalising a card also ensures that the money and tickets that have been loaded onto it are not lost if the card is lost.

The majority of travel discounts are registered on cards automatically by checking whether the card holder is listed in the student or pensioner registers.

Want to personalise the card for a child or a guest with an ID card of their own? You must first log in and let the system identify you .